Wedding photography is the photography of the activities and events related to weddings. It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage (Engagement, Gaye Holud, Mehedi Sondha etc.) as well as the coverage of the events of the wedding and reception. Wedding ceremonies in Bangladesh and in this sub-continent are generally colorful events celebrated with the relatives and friends. The presence of people celebrating with the couple also adds colors to the events. Time of wedding itself is very special. It is time that comes in the life of all human beings. It is the union of the two individuals celebrating their love for each other. It is the time when two hearts become one and live together for the entire life. People in our society believes this as a blessed bond and love to see the bond last forever. Wedding is a declaration of love, beginning of a new life together and giving birth to endless opportunities in new life. Wedding is pinnacle point of dedication and celebration between a man and a woman. The event brings together all family, friends and individuals that have been a part of the bride and groom's life.
Stillsmriti.com is the group of enthusiast photographers, like to spend hours for planning each and every event unique through their quality of photography along with the artistic outcome to please the client. The name comprises of two words ‘still’ & ‘smriti(স্মৃতি in Bangla)’. The word ‘smriti’ means memory in Bangla. So, this name is chosen as we want to keep the memories of the new couple as alive as the day of the event through still photographs. In this way we believe, we capture the moment and make it still in the photographs. Time seems to be paused in those photographs and those happy moments of the beginning of the new life remains alive forever.